• 6.11.2014: I'll be doing a signing for the release of the hardback edition of "City of Roses" with author Phil Standford at Portland's Cosmic Monkey Comics.
  • 5.2.2014: Check out the first four pages of Aliens, Predator, and Aliens Vs. Predator on Comic Book Resources.
  • 3.28.2014 to 3.30.2014: Come to table C-19 and see Patric at Emerald City Comic Con!
  • 10.11.2013: Dark Horse relaunches "Aliens" with me and Chris Roberson! Read all about it here.

ECCC’s Monster’s and Dames!

Hey y’all…

check out the fabulous coloring job Ron Chan did on my submission to Emerald City Comic Con’s Monster’s and Dames anthology!

Doop-Dee Doo…

Special thanks to all the folks at Periscope Studio for letting me sit in on their life drawing session last night… felt good to shake the rust off.

New and Improved! More crow, less pinko…

Yup, I’ve decided to move away from the Soviet-inspired look (as cool and gestalt-y as it was), and go more with a theme that was more indicative of the work that I do. OH! And here’s some temporary tattoo designs that I’m having made up, and will be available (soon, I hope) in the “SWAG” section. Cheers!

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Commisssions! Commissions!

So I decided to try my hand at some commissions, since I’m in-between gigs…. BLAM!

Journey’s End

I got to give a shout out to Night Flight Comics for putting on an official “Let Me In” signing. They actually sold out of most of their ‘Let Me In” Comics, because there were so many damn people. And that’s mostly due to my fabulous Mom, who invited EVERYONE SHE KNEW, including her co-workers. So, it was this weird combination of a Book signing, a comic convention, a family reunion, and a sewing class at JoAnn’s fabric store. Here’s some footage:


Check out the solicitation here

Here’s a preview…

oh, and the movie ain’t too bad. either.


What a ride… I got to meet all kind of people who are so much more important that I am… thanks to all who stopped by. Dig some photos:

Andy and I can barely contain our inner dorks!

Mike Mignola, me, and Duncan Fegredo.

Mike Mignola and I.

Jason Shaw Alexander

Me and Patton effing Oswalt

Meetin' some folks.

More Patton and me.


Duncan Fegredo, Sean Phillips, me, and Marc Andreyko.

SAN DIEGO… drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

Yessiree. If you’re in San Diego at ComicCon on Friday and Saturday… you can catch me wandering around dumbstruck at the Dark Horse table signing some stuff with people who are much more important than I am, dig:

12:00pm to 1:30pm- signing with Duncan Fegredo (YAY!), Fabian Moon, Gabriel Ba, and Mike freaking Mignola.

3:00pm to 4:00pm- signing with Patton Oswalt (no shit) for “Serenity: Float Out”
4:00pm to 5:00pm- signing with the cast of “Let Me In”; Chloe Moertz, Kodi McPhee, Richard Jenkins, and more!

hope to see y’all there!

Shakin’ the money maker at the Utah Arts Festival…

Last week I did my second ever book signing, and I finally got to meet Scott Allie… who is simply a man who makes all dreams come true… for me anyways.  Scott’s made it so I can afford my Pop Tarts, and get to work at the best job there is.  Along the way, I met some fine friends and fans, and they even let me talk to the media unsupervised! Was this a good idea?  I’ll let you decide.   Here’s some footage…

By the way… Dave Castleton helped me put a sweet time lapse on the “contacts” page, instead of some regular mamby pamby photo. Dig:

from "the job." Special thanks to Dave Castleton