• 3.26..2015 to 3.29.2015: I'll be at table C-15 at Emerald City Comic Con!
  • 10.29.2014: "Aliens: Fire and Stone" continues with issue #2! Check it out here.
  • 10.22.2014: I'll be doing a signing with the rest of the "Fire and Stone" creator at Portland's Things From Another World!
  • 9.24.2014: "Aliens: Fire and Stone" #1 hits the shelves! Check it out here.
  • 9.20.2014: I'll be doing the "Universe of Terror Drawn Into One Panel" discussion at 5:00 pm and then signing with the "Fire and Stone" crew at Rose City Comic Con at 6:00 pm the Dark Horse booth on Saturday!

Emerald City Comic Con!

My first table appearance EVER will be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this year! Stop by the Periscope Studio booth (#222) where I’ll be selling original art work, copies of books I drew, and my exclusive “Iron Giant” prints… and free swag.

Also, I’ll be doing a signings!  the Portland Browncoats will have me signing “Serenity” stuff on Friday at 4pm, and also Saturday at 1 pm.

Dig the banner…

Orignals for sale!

So, a friend of mine told I should start selling original artwork. As hard as it is part with these, I think he’s right… check out the “Original Artwork for Sale!” under the “SWAG” tab.


So this month I’m going to sacrifice dignity, and self respect (moreso) by growing out a ridiculous moustache and serve as a walking advertisement for “Movember,” a nationwide campaign designed to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically for types of cancer that affect men. Please feel free to donate whatever ammount you want to me or my team of 21 other brave Portland gentlemen, just visit my MoSpace page.   All proceeds will go to the campaign. THANKS, Y’ALL!

ECCC’s Monster’s and Dames!

Hey y’all…

check out the fabulous coloring job Ron Chan did on my submission to Emerald City Comic Con’s Monster’s and Dames anthology!

Doop-Dee Doo…

Special thanks to all the folks at Periscope Studio for letting me sit in on their life drawing session last night… felt good to shake the rust off.

New and Improved! More crow, less pinko…

Yup, I’ve decided to move away from the Soviet-inspired look (as cool and gestalt-y as it was), and go more with a theme that was more indicative of the work that I do. OH! And here’s some temporary tattoo designs that I’m having made up, and will be available (soon, I hope) in the “SWAG” section. Cheers!

Check out my brand spankin’ new Facebook FanPage!

Commisssions! Commissions!

So I decided to try my hand at some commissions, since I’m in-between gigs…. BLAM!

Journey’s End

I got to give a shout out to Night Flight Comics for putting on an official “Let Me In” signing. They actually sold out of most of their ‘Let Me In” Comics, because there were so many damn people. And that’s mostly due to my fabulous Mom, who invited EVERYONE SHE KNEW, including her co-workers. So, it was this weird combination of a Book signing, a comic convention, a family reunion, and a sewing class at JoAnn’s fabric store. Here’s some footage:


Check out the solicitation here

Here’s a preview…

oh, and the movie ain’t too bad. either.